first- I need to make a list. Now that i’m “free,” I’ve been spending time doing things on my own time, and it’s GREAT. It’s really nice not to have any obligations and to not be tied to something.

I keep feeling like I have somewhere to be, some appointment to fulfill, some deadline to meet. It’s so great to realize that I really don’t, not really.

I like being in control vs letting my life control me.

It’s almost been a month of this and I love it. (I also cannot still fully grasp the fact that I got STRAIGHT A’s in one of the most DIFFICULT semesters of my life. NINETEEN CREDIT HOURS. NINETEEN.)

I’m not letting anyone steer me in the direction of their choosing. This week I’ll be applying to the graduate program I was looking at. I want to read at least one of the books on my “list.” I’m going to submit two job apps.

The thing is, no matter where I am in August, I won’t have this much time off. I really want to enjoy, cherish, and make the most of it, basically. And I really people would leave me alone on that.

That sort of brings me to the second thing.

Which is that I’m so bloody annoyed with people in general lately. over everything from the paris attack to med school apps. People who don’t have experience or think their experience is the sum total of all experiences. People giving expertise when it isn’t asked for or needed. (My friend who worked at a med school, though, is going to introduce me to her friend who is the dean of admission somewhere else, which I’m looking forward to because THAT is who I need to talk to.)

I guess I’ve been in the minority for a bunch of things lately and it’s just really frustrating to see some stuff because people just don’t UNDERSTAND. And it’s kind of hard for me to grasp. Sigh.

And the other thing is just this “elitist” attitude. I’m really starting to become aware of it and of myself and I really am working on abandoning it. Because when I see it in other people it is just so damn annoying. I’ve wanted to just unfriend so many people because of it lately. i.e a friend who called a restaurant with decent good “disgusting” while praising a restaurant that is..well, if my place is disgusting then hers is a shit-hole for sure. I was just so offended. And then I made another suggestion which she said was too “cheap.” I was so miffed by her attitude. I just don’t like that. And I see the same thing online sometimes, with people thinking their opinion is the most cultured, and they know better than everyone else, and their opinion is THE opinion. Boy has that been FRUSTRATING.

Ugh. It just annoys me so much lately. And mostly people who specifically join a conversation JUST to bash the thing that you love and tell you how much they hate it and to what extent, and shit on your opinion, as if you ACTUALLY care what they think. Urghhh.


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