let the light guide your way

this semester is hell.

holy cannolis.

our exam schedule is absolutely ridiculous. our workload is absolutely horrid. and i’m having trouble focusing.

i started off on track, still coming off winter break and trying to keep up.

but i’ve been a mess. emotionally, physically, mentally. tue’s exam was awful. monday’s was alright. practical was okay.

i just need to find my footing academically.

but i’m still managing to pull through because i’ve managed to rekindle friendships, somehow. it’s like a load has been lifted. i’m enjoying school again. i’m enjoying talking to people, i’m talking to more people, new people. i’m not holding back. i’m putting myself out there.

it’s such a relief. it’s nice not to avoid people, it’s nice to have the group conversations i’ve had in the past week. whether it be about politics or ethics in med or cultural competence. it has been absolutely amazing. it’s felt so good to get it out of here, i’m finally feeling like i fit. i’ve finally found my way there.

i’m grateful for that. i hope that feeling stays. i hope i can manage to keep my head over water.


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